Art and Consciousness

Irena > a multimedia artist & a practical philosophiser, cosmopolitan, has moved to Switzerland decades ago. Her life topic and interest is the combination Art and Consciousness. Primarily self-taught, later graduated in “Art and Consciousness” at the Lesley University USA. A member of the International Assosiation of Art UNESCO. Gradually getting more involved in practice of philosophical thinking.

Various exhibitions in different countries. Art works at museums and private collections. F. ex. in: Jean M. Tinguely Collection, Switzerland; Japan; China; England; Afrika; Canada; USA; Russia; Portugal; Italy; Albania (in National Museum of Modern Art & in private collections).

Formely participated in work-shops in Europe & USA. Such as:

theatrical expression of primary emotions; writing for your life; introduction in expressive art methods in therapy & pedagogics (former Institute ISIS); butoh- & expressive dance; experimental theatre performance (Amsterdam); living in the process; female mystic – male mystic etc.; continuing studies in applied philosophy & psychology. Also in 2008 got the certificate of IEK-Berlin as “Art & Creativity Therapist”.

In 1998 her studio burnt down. Consequently approximately 300 paintings, numerous drawings, several art objects burnt. Therefore lots of Irena’s art pieces have not been documented. You can nevertheless partially see the process of artistic development in PAINTINGS.

As a multimedia artist Irena additionally to painting has created several (video- and life) performances, some video art, installations, objects & writing.

Her interests include not only Art and Consciousness but also philosophising and philosophical studies, dance theatre, reading, writing, developing consciousness, gender topics etc.   

“Your paintings are lyrical like poems in oil”.  Ian Willmott, London School of Printing & Publishing

“Irena is an expressionist painter of great power. Her art generates from the very core of her being…”. Patricia W. Cobb, Lesley University, USA.

Irena offers projects & work-shops in self-growth & artistic development via the use of artistic media for artists AND general public.  You can purchase ART, learn with her, invite her for work-shops & projects.

Irena also moderates Café Philo online in German as a kind of philosophical practice. This grew out of her previous life investigations in Art and Consciousness. If you are interested to participate click here➡️

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  1. Wow, habe etwas reingeschnuppert und bin zutiefst bewegt von Deiner Kunst! So viel Sinnlichkeit, Strahl- und Ausdruckskraft, beeindruckend, ich könnte ewig zuschauen!

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