My art exhibitions list: Installation. Videoart. Painting. Performance. Artistic Photo.

Paintings in the collections of: national gallery of modern art, Tirana, Albania; collection J. M. Tinguely, Switzerland; private collections in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China

personal exhibitions

  • educational center Sight & Sound, Zurich 1989. 
  • gallery Kunsthaus Örlikon, Zurich 1990. 
  • cultural center Dynamo, Zurich 1991. 
  • gallery Atelier 3, Zurich 1991. 

(„Raduga“ was my artist’s name back then. 1991. No idea what my half-brother who back then was working for the national TV & the others there are saying.I would love to know. You can also see & hear Edi Rama – now the Prime Minister of Albania , back THEN an artist. Back then in Albania it was always “tomorrow” (is it still?)… So I lost my patience & left to Zurich. 2-4 days later the vernissage took place without me.)

  • theater Rigiblick, Zurich 1993. 
  • gallery BeWo Goes Art, Zurich 1995 + gallery BeWo Goes Art, drawings installation, 1997. 
  • my studio burnt down 1998. Incl. appr. 300 oil paintings & numerous drawings. 
  • Chämi gallery, Zurich 1998 + swiss-arab cultural center, Zurich 1999. 
  • Die Andere galerie, Zurich 2001. 
  • Projektgalerie, Zurich 2009. 

group exhibitions

  • gallery Bob van Orsouw, Zurich 1989. 
  • gallery Kunsthaus Oerlikon, Zurich 1990. 
  • project „Altar“ Kunsthaus Oerlikon, Zurich, 1991. Paintings, object.
  • gallery a 16, Zurich 1992. 
  • art project „outbacks-endstation Hinwill“, Hinwil 1992. 
  • Kunsthaus Örlikon, Zurich 1992. 
  • Exhibition/Competition Mall Galleries, London. “The Healing Potential of Dolphins” 1993. 
  • „Grosse Zurcher ausstellung“, curator A. Shumov 1996. 
  • „arts & minds“ National Museum of Fine Arts, Tirana, Albania 1996. 
  • landscape installation intern. art symposium „East-West lab-99“, Frauenfeld 1999. 
  • gallery Serge Ziegler videothek, internationale Kunstmesse, Zurich 1999. 
  • art objects /installation/ Art in public space, Bern 2002.
  • Art against Violence. Cam Garibaldi, Milano nov.-dec. 2021
  • «Art without obstacles», PREDIGERKIRCHE church, Zürich oct.-nov. 2022


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