INSTALLATION ART works in LANDSCAPE. Artists from several countries had a possibility to stay in a particular landscape for a couple of days. As you can seen we created here as a result installation artworks correspondingly to landscape elements of interest.

1. BLOW BLUE. installation artwork in landscape. Facets of perception. A transparent blue-white silk dress hangs beyond the river under the bridge. Beneath under the dress a mirror stands in the river at 45 degrees angle. The river stream covers the bottom half of the mirror. The mirror seems broken into 2 parts therefore. Standing on the bridge we can view the dress hanging below from above. At the same time we can see the dress from underneath & THE SKY – the upside-down reflection in the mirror below the bridge. Broken silvery stripes – reflection of the stream in the lower (underwater) half of the mirror, shallow river, its pebbly bottom & fine murmur make up the complete picture.                                                 Silence…     contemplation…

The idea came also in particular from my erstwhile urge from time to time to bend down to the ground & look from upside down. AND from love LOVE to walk high above the water & look down.

2. KAJ & GERDA. installation artwork in landscape. (named after the fairy tale “Snow Queen” by H. C. Andersen and from our times). My oil painting reminding of a frozen cosmonaut in an ice grotto represents Kay. I attached silver foil tunnel to the painting radiating it. A white & black string ladder hangs in direction from him to Gerda’s. A square of wet mould, red (passionate) & white (spiritual) roses (love) growing out of it & leaning into Kay’s (painting) direction represent Gerda. In this way I created the moment when she found him, his heart still frozen. Nobody knows the outcome… This tale is an extreme representation of our time: the intellect is overly busy solving “ice puzzles” – computer reality. This isolated intellect has become overrated while the heart is “frozen” & undervalued = emotions, feelings, intuitions etc. suppressed.


↗️ S T O N E S ↖️
red letters say “GERDA” meaning (she is) the wet black soil with white and red roses (respectively different facets of love)
my painting, oil & mixed media on canvas. KAJ in the moment when GERDA found him.

MY OWN SACRED PLACE installation artwork in open space. Bern, Switzerland, 2003.

We received this task & were each one free to express it in any media. We had different materials to choose from, 1,5 hours to concentrate & look inside oneself, to create. The task was that this object would represent a kind of inner place/space (whatever was in it or however it was) where one would not let anyone in. In the middle of my installation there is a round mirror reflecting the sky… It is sky on earth! AND my eyes looking into the sky & the sky being my soul … I blow soup bubbles which float over the piece. They also belong to the whole thing. They are flouting silently, lightly, quietly & joyfully reflecting themselves in the sky/mirror. They are also me…

my own sacred place, Bern, 2002

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